Love Story Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Movie | South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full 2021

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Love Story Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Movie | South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full 2021

Love Story is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language film written and directed by Sekhar Kammula. Produced by Amigos Creations and Sree Venkateswara Cinemas, the film stars Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi while Rajeev Kanakala, Devayani, Easwari Rao and Uttej play supporting roles. The film tells the story of an inter-caste relationship between Revanth (Chaitanya) and Mounika (Pallavi) who meet in the city while pursuing their dreams.

Revanth is a lower caste Christian settled in Hyderabad who runs a Zumba center. Mounika, an upper caste girl, also arrives in Hyderabad in search of a job and moves into a neighbouring house. As Mounika is unsuccessful in finding a job, Revanth offers her to share pamphlets for his Zumba center for money but she rejects it for which Revanth mocks her. Following another unsuccessful job trail, she comes to the Zumba centre and dances while Revanth also joins her. Impressed with her dance, Revanth asks her to join his Zumba centre as a partner. Mounica negotiates a salary and starts working with him. Their Zumba centre becomes popular and they desire to expand their business by finding a bigger space in the city. Due to paucity of money, Revanth convinces his mother to sell their land in his hometown Armoor.

Mounica also hails from Armoor and her uncle Narasimham is an influential man in their town. He quotes a far lower price for Revanth's land and Revanth refuses to sell. That night, Mounika confronts Narasimham and demands the share of her money from their property. Narasimham refuses by intimidating Mounika, and she faints. Later, she angrily leaves the town and Revanth follows. She offers her jewellery to Revanth for their business expansion. Revanth mortgages his land and opens a bigger Zumba centre. They overcome their differences and fall in love. Mounika proposes Revanth and he accepts. As she is afraid of her abusive uncle, they plan to elope. Revanth's brother, a police sub-inspector helps them and they devise a plan to frame that Mounika has committed suicide so that no one doubts her whereabouts. They decide to execute their plan after six months and make the necessary arrangements. Revanth goes to Dubai in the meantime and they decide to get married at a registrar's office once he returns.

Revanth waits at the registrar's office but Mounika does not arrive. Revanth worriedly returns to Armoor and meets Mounika. She tells Revanth that she was sexually abused as a child by her uncle and now he is now targeting her sister. She has thus decided to stay back and protect her. Revanth takes Mounika to her house who reveals the situation to her parents. In the meantime, her uncle arrives at their home. He confronts them but Mounika's mother locks him up in a room and asks Mounika to leave with Revanth by promising that she would take care of her sister. They run away by taking Revanth's mother along but Narasimham's men chase them. Revanth refuses to escape and decides to fight back. As Narasimham tries to kill Mounika, Revanth kills him in retaliation and he is arrested by the police. Later the court admits that Revanth's act was unintentional.
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